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Whether you are pulling on your skis, a snowboard plank or a pair of snowshoes, the COMPACTOR pole by BLACK DIAMOND will accompany you on every ascent. Practical and easy to pack, the adjustment and rapid deployment systems make the pole the ideal accompaniment on your excursions in the mountain.

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Is ski touring your passion and are you looking for practical poles with an easy locking facility and rapid deployment? Then look no further than the COMPACTOR by BLACK DIAMOND: it fulfils all your expectations. Opt forsafety,rapidity and ease-of-use.

These poles consist of three collapsible segments in 18 mm aluminium and are adjustable from 115 to 135 cm, with a Touring Series handgrip which is grooved on the inside te reduce the weightof the pole. The stainless steel FlickLock® Pro adjustment system, which is incorporated, represents a design that is straightforward and renowned for being one of the best locking devices on the market.

You will also experience the benefits of the rapid deployment system which incorporates Z-Pole technology and functions in the following way: a kevlar cord, with the extremities protected during the folding process, is inserted into the tube. Unlock and collapse your poles in record time by pressing a button provided for this purpose. Speed Cone technology allows you to straighten each segment of the tube when the pole is locked.

There are also 100 mm in diameter baskets with a two part attachment system: ideal for long tours in the snow.
The excellent compressibility and uncluttered design will allow you to easily fit this product into your backpack.


- Three foldable aluminium segments with a button for rapid unfolding which is adjustable from 115 to 135 cm

- A Touring Series handle with grooves on the inside for increased lightness

- Touring Series wrist strap with light webbing and ladder-lock plastic buckle

- Rubber handle extension incorporated

FlickLock® Pro rapid and reliable adjustment system

- Z-Pole technology: rapid deployment system with kevlar cord inserted into the tube (the poles are instantly collapsed by pressing the button)

- Speed Cone technology: guides the different segments of the pole through the deployment process (each section is straightened when the pole is locked)

- Compressible and uncomplicated (folded length: 41 cm, can be stored in your backpack).

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Black Diamond wurde am 1. Dezember 1989 gegründet. Einen Teil ihres Sortiments stellt die Marke in einer Niederlassung in Salt Lake City her. Im Mai 2010 wurde Black Diamond von der Gesellschaft Clarus Corporation unter der Leitung von Warren B. Kanders, dem früheren Hauptgeschäftsführer von Armor Holdings, einem Hersteller von kugelsicheren Westen, übernommen. Die stellt verschiedenste Produkte her. Unter anderem hat sie ein System entwickelt, das wie ein Airbag aufgebaut ist, damit Verschüttet unter einer Lawine überleben (atmen) können, indem die ausgeatmete CO2-haltige Luft gefiltert/abgeleitet wird.