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- Baseplate: Delta light: It is made of first-choice aluminum and reinforced nylon to increase the board's responsiveness and sensitivity. It was carefully designed to reduce weight significantly and optimize the available cushioning zone while giving the new Contact Pad direct contact with the board to take gliding sensations to the next level. It is an eclectic, efficient base suitable for all terrains. Its fit is directly customizable.

- Interface: Natural cant: It was designed to customize your gliding position while maintaining your natural position to help you bend your legs correctly! It is equipped with the Rebound Heel Absorber cushioning system to improve vibration dampening along the heel zone and cushioning of jumps. Thanks to the new Natural Cant pad, riding will feel differently.

- Highback: Polyurethane Ladyfit: A collection of highbacks designed specifically to adapt ergonomically to women's boots - which are shorter and curved - for extra support and the best possible fit. Its look is unique because it combines responsiveness and great flexibility with a fabulous girly design.

- Ankle Strap: Hyperlight: New, thinner and more refined construction for the DRAKE range's ankle strap. It was designed with the best skins and multi-layer foam for a perfectly ergonomic support and maximum comfort.

- Toe Strap: Hyperflex: This revolutionary tip strap offers perfect positioning at the front of the boots. Its two flexible wings automatically wrap around any type of boot tip. It supports you perfectly and ensures that the boots will stay in the bindings. They go back to their initial position to close around the tip consistently.

- Buckles: Mg 12: It is the fastest closing system on the market. Its ergonomic shape that accelerates closing and release is particularly appreciated. It now weighs 25% less by replacing aluminum with magnesium, and is even more precise thanks to its new metal release button.

- Disc: Classic: The DRAKE original disk can be mounted on 4 and 3-hold models without a problem! The Classic will enable you to customize your DRAKE bindings and mount them on all the boards you use.


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