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The Reload is our freestyle focused powerhouse. Every single component is designed to reduce weight to offer an unrivaled binding.

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Bindungen DRAKE DRAKE RELOAD BLUE 16 - Ekosport
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  • Disziplin
    • Freestyle
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    • 2016


The Reload is our freestyle focused powerhouse. Every single component is designed to reduce weight to offer an unrivaled binding.

Starting at our Light Saber baseplate that has been engineered with a premium quality blend of aluminum and fiber reinforced nylon. Excess plastic was removed and in its place we added strategically placed EVA dampening, which not only vastly reduces the weight but also increases comfort and support for heavy landings.

The new Spade Highback offers the same strength as a traditional highback but without the extra kilos.

The longitude axis adds a greater torsional flex, making it extra responsive for when you need it. Our newly Injected toe strap will last longer and offer an increase in comfort.


- Spade : A new design concept is landed in Drake’s collection.
This new asymmetrical design gives extra flex to your riding and your tweaks. It features also a new adjuster system faster and stronger.
- Hyperlight : A slim, contoured ankle strap new to the Drake line. This strap is built with high quality leather and multi density foam for full ergonomic comfort and support.
- Mg12 : Take the quickest, and most efficient ratchet in the market, appreciated for its ability to slide five ladder steps every crank and its ergonomic shape to fasten the ratcheting and releasing operations. Then reduce the weight by 25% using Magnesium instead of aluminum and add even more precision with the new metal button release. You have yet to try the best.
- Light Saber : The Light Saber is an evolution of the Delta Light base plate. We reduced the contact points to the minimum, in order to give you a better feeling while riding, whilst reducing the weight. The heelcup positioning is totally tool less: 3 different positions, adjustable with two levers placed on the baseplate. Last but not least, the new Light Saber base plate, gives you the opportunity to adjust the highback independently from the ankle straps, this means 13 different customizable combinations to suit your riding style.

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