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The Fury is built for speed and performance.

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  • Disziplin
    • Allround
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    • Mittelmässig - Gut
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    • 1 Jahr
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    • Herren
  • Jahr
    • 2017
  • Camber


The Fury is built for speed and performance. The 100% wood Performance Core™ and Radial Sidecut make this board smooth and responsive. Morr-Rock™ Rocker makes landing tricks easier. The 1000-Grade extruded die-cut base and 360º Edge protection make the Fury lightning fast and tougher than nails.

- Morr-Rock™ Rocker profile for ease in landing tricks
- Directional shape for both freestyle and freeride performance
- 360° Structural cap provides strength and responsiveness
- 360° Edge protection, the strongest edge around
- Full-length Performance Core™ for a smooth, responsive ride
- 1000-Grade extruded die-cut base goes fast and tunes faster
- Radial Sidecut for consistent and smooth turns
- Stiffer tail flex providing stability and support for larger riders
- Mirror finish UV Protect coating


- MORRROCK ROCKER : Our new Rocker profile has been added to all our models. Morr-Rock™ provides ease in turning and landing tricks as well as a loose, surfy feel in powder. Morr-Rock is flat between the inserts, with a 3mm rise from the inserts to the contacts. Get ready to Rock!

- CAP CONSTRUCTION: Cap boards create a direct energy transfer, so you can feelthe whole mountain when you’re on the snow. Cap boards also offer a verydurable construction.

- PERFORMANCE CORE™: Designed for all-mountain riding, the PerformanceCore is lightweight and responsive, helping riders advance to the next level.

- WOOD CORES: Wood is Good. We use sustainably harvested Aspen in our cores. All of our boards have tip-to-tail wood cores for durability and pop.

- 360 DEGREE EDGE: CNC formed steel edge wraps the perimeter of the boardfor extra durability and control. It’s formed at a controlled temperature to maintain a consistent 48 Rockwell hardness rating.

- DIE-CUT BASES: Our die-cut bases are vibrant and lightweight. Morrow boardsuse a 1000-grade extruded base for a fast and smooth ride.

- UV PROTECT: All of our boards have an ultraviolet (UV) coating on the topsheet for a deep wet look as well as protection from old Sol fading the tasty graphics. SPF = 30,000,000

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Die Marke wurde 1992 in den USA gegründet. Morrow hat in ihren Anfängen 1994 und 1997 mit ihren Fahrern wie Matt Goodwill, King Of The Hill, die Geschichte des Snowboards geprägt. Seitdem haben sich die Zeiten geändert. "Performance, Haltbarkeit, Style und Wert", das sind die Eigenschaften der Produkte, die Morrow in ihrer neuen Version anbietet.