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A model for skiers looking for fun uphill and downhill.

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    • 2016
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A model for skiers looking for fun uphill and downhill.
Built according to the best SKI TRAB technologies and where the introduction of the ATTIVO PROGRESSIVE SHAPE gives greater benefits.

Lightweight, Ease of Handling, Reliability, Performance


14 Lightweight technology : Ski Trab lightweight technology distinguishes itself by having identify a productive process capable of using an extremely light core and of giving the maximum anti-torsional strength at the same time.

Attivo progressive Shape : it improves the steering providing a perfect floatability and easy turning ability. It's an innovative shape allowing a gradual entry into the fresh snow, maintaining however the contact on hard snow also with flat skis. The ski tip and tail show a particularity marked flex providing a perfect floating. The tip is longer and enhanced by a flex that provides a perfect control of the ski. The centre immediately responds to the skier's action and the tips gradually become softer thus being able to follow uneven terrain actively and facilitating without causing unbalance the skier's action.

Duo Tech : With a flat ski the tail maintains its rigidity and the ski guarantees a perfect stability and support. On turning the tail flexibility is greater, improving the steering and making skiing easier. With a flat ski the hollow of the ski tail increases stability and steering precision.

Liwood core : Lightweight and quality within everyone's reach. A new light wood core reinforced with a fiberglass box wrapping around the skis provides light and high performance skis with durability and resistance. Wood is the most used raw material in ski production.

Tip (mm) Mitte (mm) Tail (mm) Radius (m) Gewicht (g) Unit weight


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Technologie und Tradition! Die Geschichte von Ski Trab begann 1946, als Giacomo Trabucchi die ersten Ski aus massivem Holz hergestellt hat. Seitdem hat sich das Unternehmen ständig weiterentwickelt und ist heute DIE Marke für Tourenski.